Home Electrolysis Kits

Many people have found that it is simply easier for them to purchase a home electrolysis kit than to have a professional do it for them. With a kit they are able to save hundreds of dollars and use it whenever it is convenient for them. Below are the two most popular kits and what they have to offer.

One Time Home Electrolysis

The One Time home electrolysis kit is one of the fastest, safest, and most gentle on the market. The manufacturer guarantees that it will permanently remove the unwanted hair easily. This device uses a moderate electrical current into the base of the hair follicle. It will stop the blood supply that leads to the root. The root is then neutralized through a chemical action that keeps it from growing back.

This device uses a comfort control dial that allows you to customize the type of treatment needed. It uses batteries and is small enough to be taken with you on long trips. This can be used on your eyebrows, upper lips, and body. It costs around $40.

E-Pen Home Electrolysis

The home electrolysis E-Pen helps to remove unwanted body hair without needles or causing you any pain. It has been clinically proven and was designed in Europe. It uses the galvanic technology to make it effective and easier than most other electrolysis systems.

This device will allow you to remove the hair from large area quickly through the use of an adhesive pad. Each of these pads can be used for up to eight sessions and help to make it a pain free experience. This device costs around $80.


Please remember that not all kits are good to use and must be thoroughly researched. Some people find these effective and others believe that they do nothing at all. Remember that everyone has different skin types and will react differently to these treatments.