How To Use Home Electrolysis

Many people are investing in home electrolysis kits in the hopes that they can remove unwanted hair without having to spend a fortune. The one thing that many people will have problems with is learning how to use it properly so that they do not hurt themselves or waste time.

  • The first thing you need to do is purchase a kit from a reliable store or manufacturer. A high quality kit could cost you as much as $40 or more. It will usually come with a battery, spare needle, and a controller for current regulation. You will also need to purchase a pair of tweezers.
  • Move your supplies into a well lit room. The extra light will allow you to see the fine hairs that you are trying to remove.
  • Find the hair root and turn the electrolysis up to three or four. When you feel it tingling you will know that it is working. Do not turn it up too high or you will burn your skin.
  • Hold the needle to the root for a few seconds or until you see white fluid coming up and out of the hair root and then slowly remove the needle. If there is no fluid you might need to try it again. Do not place the needle on the same area more than three times in one day.
  • Please be careful that you do not bend the flexible needle or leave it on for more than a few seconds. Most people will take more than an hour to cover one area.
  • Once you have finished with the home electrolysis you will need to use the tweezers to remove the dead hair. The hair should come right out. If it doesn’t than the device did not touch that hair and you should try it again in a day or two.
  • Use this device on your face and legs but not on your bikini area. This is able to burn those sensitive areas.