What Is Electrolysis

The method of electrolysis was first designed during the 1800’s. It was during this time that physicians invented a needle that when electrified could remove hair. It was not until the 20th century that they were able to improve the method and make it more effective. Now people will go to school to learn how to use the equipment and to remove the hair safely and effectively. This field of study is known as electrology.

To be trained as an electrologists you will have to go to a college that offers it or into beauty school. At the end of your studies you will have to pass a basic skill level and safety standards test. These will remind each student how and why they are to use sterile equipment for each client.

This is a semi-permanent hair removal method that is often performed by a trained esthetician. During this method a small needle – that has been electrified – is placed into the hair follicle where it will destroy the tissue that helps the hair to grow. People will use this method to remove hair on nearly every area of their body. It is not uncommon to use several treatments or sessions to remove all the hair in the area.

There are many types of electrolysis; galvanic and thermolysis. The galvanic method will combine salt and water to create a small measure of lye that will destroy the hair growth cells. Thermolysis will vibrate the cells that surround the follicle and produce heat to destroy them. It is not uncommon for electrologists to combine both of these methods for better results.

This hair removal method can be painful for some people to go through. However, this pain is usually minimal and does not last for long periods of time. Most electrologists will use a topical anesthetic to remove any discomfort and pain and make the client feel more at ease.

After the treatment is completed the area that was worked in might be slightly irritated and red. Most people will need more than one session in order to remove some of the more thick and stubborn hair on a larger area.